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B. Where are you from and where do you reside?

A. I’m from Brooklyn, NY and currently reside in New Orleans, LA.

B. Whats your nationality?

A. Jamaican

B. What type of music genre do you listen to the most currently?

A. Hip Hop (Trap Music), Pop, EDM, Reggae

B. Who is your celebrity Crush?

A. Matthew McConaughey

B. What do you think is your best asset?

A. My smile

B. What other Ventures are you doing currently or in the future

A. Working on building a better life for me and my family.


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BS: Where are you from?

TC: Brooklyn, NY.  Born and raised!

BS: What made you get into modeling?

TC: I used to dance on a local channel in Brooklyn called BCAT, on a show called “Flex n Brooklyn”. The local the photographers in my area used to shoot me for party flyers, so I became pretty popular.

BS: Oh cool. So you had you own little following before you became published! Other than modeling, what else do you do?  Talents, hobbies and/or occupations?

TC: Besides modeling, Im a Rapper, Bartender and Makeup Artist

BS: So, your into music?  Name some of your top rap artist today?

TC: Top artist? Nicki Minaj, Drake and Future

BS: Cool.  where do you see yourself in the future?  Goals and aspirations?

TC: Gettin my entrepreneur “ish on….  Starting new endeavors next year. I also want to start a family

BS: Oh good!  Is there a special someone in mind or are you still waiting for that someone to step up?

TC: I definitely have someone in mind, lol.

BS: Womp Womp!! What do you look for in a guy?

TC: Physically fit and attractive, tall, funny, brown skin and intelligent.

BS: Do you prefer your men in sneakers or shoes?

TC: Sneakers

BS: What are some of your turn offs?

TC: Bad breath, dirty nails and name droppers.

BS: ok, and what would you consider to be your best asset?

TC: My face and booty.

BS: Alrighty!!  So where can people find you if they wanted to book you or work with you?

TC: Email:

IG/Twitter: @RealTierra


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BSAVY:  So, Where are you from?

Cherri: I’m from Manhattan

BS: Born and raised?

Cherri: Yes, Harlem Hospital

BS: made you get into modeling?

Cherri: Ive always had a love for modeling and /i love the art of the photography.

BS:Other than modeling, What do you do? Studies, hobbies or occupation?

Cherri: Well. I’m a mother, and a state worker.  I also host a live show called polelyfeTV on  Also, I’m a hair and fashion stylist for other models, and I love to cook. I wear a lot of hats so I consider myself to be an entrepreneur…..with a lot more things to come.

BS:Awesome, Now pertaining to Men and dating, What do you look for in a Man?

Cherri: A man that is honest.  I’m very particular, but not over the top picky.  I love a family man that can also take care of business.

BS: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Cherri: Chase Baker aka Bakerman Global.  He’s a hip hop artist.

BS: Ok.  What are your pet peeves?

Cherri: Annoying ex girlfriends, and annoying exes

BS: So ex girlfriends meaning, your into women as well?

Cherri: No, my mans exes hanging on once i step in the pic, but my ex boyfriends as well.

BS: Oh, ok sorry about that.  Do you prefer men in sneakers or shoes?

Cherri: Thats ok…..but I love my man dapper and it can be sneaker or shoe.  It makes no difference to me.  Just as long as he’s well put together.

BS: Top 5 R&B acts?

Cherri: Im into all kinds of music, but I love  classic R&B as well, so I would say The Temptations, Jackson 5, Destiny’s Child, B2k and Jodeci

BS: Cool, and finally, where and how can people get in contact with you in regards to working with you?

Cherri: IG/twitter: @cherri_daproblem    FB:cherri daproblem and




Nba-1bNba-5bBSAVY: Where are you from??


Nea: Harlem, NY

BS: What made you get into modeling?

Nea: I got into modeling to become more comfortable with being sexy

BS: So being more sexy, meaning you used to be a tomboy?

Nea: Yes

BS: Ok.  Other than being one of the hottest models, What other talents do you have?  Occupations and hobbies?

Nea: I love baking.  Im a mean baker.  But I’m also a certified bartender and I work in retail.

BS:   What would you Consider to be your best asset?

Nea: My smile……Duh!! lol

BS:  Yea aight, Whatever.  What qualities in a man are you most attracted to?

Nea: Determination and consistency

BS: What are your pet peeves?

Nea: Im not the one to have pet peeves, but if something irks me, I’ll speak on it

BS: Do you prefer Men in sneakers or shoes

Nea: I prefer my man to know when to switch it up

BS:  Are you limited to just men?

Nea: No, i’m into females as well

BS:  Ookkay!!  What are your goals and aspirations?

Nea: I want to own a store front and start my cupcake business

BS: And finally, where can the people find you if they wanted to book you or get in contact with you?


Nea: Instagram:  @kissmybadass   Snapchat: Kissmybadass

email:   Manager: @Takenbytajnyc








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