Certified Bombshell, Nea Bad Ass

Today, we feature the stunning brick house bombshell, Nea Bad Ass!! (@Kissmybadass) Not only did she bless us with some of her sexiest pfeature yet, She sat down and gave us a little interview. hope you enjoy!

Photo cred: @Takenbytajnyc

Nba-1bNba-5bBSAVY: Where are you from??


Nea: Harlem, NY

BS: What made you get into modeling?

Nea: I got into modeling to become more comfortable with being sexy

BS: So being more sexy, meaning you used to be a tomboy?

Nea: Yes

BS: Ok.  Other than being one of the hottest models, What other talents do you have?  Occupations and hobbies?

Nea: I love baking.  Im a mean baker.  But I’m also a certified bartender and I work in retail.

BS:   What would you Consider to be your best asset?

Nea: My smile……Duh!! lol

BS:  Yea aight, Whatever.  What qualities in a man are you most attracted to?

Nea: Determination and consistency

BS: What are your pet peeves?

Nea: Im not the one to have pet peeves, but if something irks me, I’ll speak on it

BS: Do you prefer Men in sneakers or shoes

Nea: I prefer my man to know when to switch it up

BS:  Are you limited to just men?

Nea: No, i’m into females as well

BS:  Ookkay!!  What are your goals and aspirations?

Nea: I want to own a store front and start my cupcake business

BS: And finally, where can the people find you if they wanted to book you or get in contact with you?


Nea: Instagram:  @kissmybadass   Snapchat: Kissmybadass

email:   Manager: @Takenbytajnyc








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