Cherri Bomb!! Cherri Da Problem

Introducing Cherri Da Problem (@cherri_daproblem). This lovely lady came through and blessed us with and some hot photos and an interview. Check out the feature and enjoy, exclusively here at

Photo cred: @TakenByTajNYC


BSAVY:  So, Where are you from?

Cherri: I’m from Manhattan

BS: Born and raised?

Cherri: Yes, Harlem Hospital

BS: made you get into modeling?

Cherri: Ive always had a love for modeling and /i love the art of the photography.

BS:Other than modeling, What do you do? Studies, hobbies or occupation?

Cherri: Well. I’m a mother, and a state worker.  I also host a live show called polelyfeTV on  Also, I’m a hair and fashion stylist for other models, and I love to cook. I wear a lot of hats so I consider myself to be an entrepreneur…..with a lot more things to come.

BS:Awesome, Now pertaining to Men and dating, What do you look for in a Man?

Cherri: A man that is honest.  I’m very particular, but not over the top picky.  I love a family man that can also take care of business.

BS: Do you have a celebrity crush?

Cherri: Chase Baker aka Bakerman Global.  He’s a hip hop artist.

BS: Ok.  What are your pet peeves?

Cherri: Annoying ex girlfriends, and annoying exes

BS: So ex girlfriends meaning, your into women as well?

Cherri: No, my mans exes hanging on once i step in the pic, but my ex boyfriends as well.

BS: Oh, ok sorry about that.  Do you prefer men in sneakers or shoes?

Cherri: Thats ok…..but I love my man dapper and it can be sneaker or shoe.  It makes no difference to me.  Just as long as he’s well put together.

BS: Top 5 R&B acts?

Cherri: Im into all kinds of music, but I love  classic R&B as well, so I would say The Temptations, Jackson 5, Destiny’s Child, B2k and Jodeci

BS: Cool, and finally, where and how can people get in contact with you in regards to working with you?

Cherri: IG/twitter: @cherri_daproblem    FB:cherri daproblem and



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