Q and A with Small Assetz….Chics N’ kicks Edition

Today, we kick with the gorgeous Harlem native, Small Assetz (@Smallassetz). We kept it nice, simple and sexy today. Asked her a few questions, took a few photos. Nice and smooth. Check her out in one of her hottest photo shoot features yet, and dont forget to follow her. Exclusively here at Bsavy Magazine

Photo Credit: @TakenbyTajNYC


Q: Where you from?

A: Harlem, NY. Born in The Bronx, but raised in Harlem.

Q: What made you get into modeling?

A: I had a complex with body, when I was younger because I had a small petite body, with a big butt. With time and age I grew confident, and I kept getting asked to model., So here I am.

Q: Other than modeling, What do you do?

A: I’m anActress, radio personalty, and I hold down a 9-5. Im aways working.

Q: Whats are your goals for the next 5 years?

A: My dream is to love to play in Baby Boy 2. But also get into other acting roles, further my progress in radio and start an Youth Organization for Urban kids at risk.

Q: What do you look for in guy

A: Definitely Funny! Has to be funny, honest, genuine, caring. And he also has to have some street swag to him.

Q: Do you prefer shoes or sneakers for men?

A: I prefer my men is shoes

Q: Why the name Small Assetz?

A: Well first, my last name is Smalls. Secondly, Im petite and i got a big butt. and finally Im an asset to have, even though I’m so small. Good things come in small packages, but that’s too long to be used as a name.

Q: Where can people find you if they wanted to work with with you?

A: My email
My Instagram @smallassetz
Facebook: Meekasmalls

and contact my management. Manager Michael Hargrove.

– Thanks again and Thank you for blessing Bsavy Magazine

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