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Tierra Campbell. Yes, The Real One

Today were featuring the gorgeous Tierra Campbell (@RealTierra). We sat down with the vixen and asked her a few questions, as well as provide some of the hottest photos of course. So sit back and enjoy.

Photo Cred: @TakenbyTajNYC

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BS: Where are you from?

TC: Brooklyn, NY.  Born and raised!

BS: What made you get into modeling?

TC: I used to dance on a local channel in Brooklyn called BCAT, on a show called “Flex n Brooklyn”. The local the photographers in my area used to shoot me for party flyers, so I became pretty popular.

BS: Oh cool. So you had you own little following before you became published! Other than modeling, what else do you do?  Talents, hobbies and/or occupations?

TC: Besides modeling, Im a Rapper, Bartender and Makeup Artist

BS: So, your into music?  Name some of your top rap artist today?

TC: Top artist? Nicki Minaj, Drake and Future

BS: Cool.  where do you see yourself in the future?  Goals and aspirations?

TC: Gettin my entrepreneur “ish on….  Starting new endeavors next year. I also want to start a family

BS: Oh good!  Is there a special someone in mind or are you still waiting for that someone to step up?

TC: I definitely have someone in mind, lol.

BS: Womp Womp!! What do you look for in a guy?

TC: Physically fit and attractive, tall, funny, brown skin and intelligent.

BS: Do you prefer your men in sneakers or shoes?

TC: Sneakers

BS: What are some of your turn offs?

TC: Bad breath, dirty nails and name droppers.

BS: ok, and what would you consider to be your best asset?

TC: My face and booty.

BS: Alrighty!!  So where can people find you if they wanted to book you or work with you?

TC: Email:

IG/Twitter: @RealTierra


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